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The Dobbertin Hydrocar (2009 Dhc)


$ 60,100

Make: Other Makes
Model: G80
Condition: Used
Mileage: 100
Location: 60071, Richmond, Illinois
#VIN: 00000000000000000

Seller's Notes:

THIS HYDRO CAR BELONGS IN A MUSEUM!! There is only one HydroCar and it has a presence unlike anything else on the planet. This aluminum-bodied, meticulously crafted amphibian is unique in that it literally – and I do mean literally – transforms its shape from ‘LAND MODE’ to ‘WATER MODE’ with the flip of a switch.On land, its full-length articulating sponsons (or pontoons) are raised and become the car’s fenders. Upon entering the water, the sponsons are lowered nearly eight inches ...

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