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Tremec Tko 600 Tran Bellhousing Clutch Flywheel 1967 Ford Mustang 427 390 S Code


$ 3,950

Make: Ford
Model: Mustang
Condition: New
Engine: 427
Location: 62902, Carbondale, Il

Seller's Notes:

This is a complete Tremec TKO 600 Transmission setup to fit a Ford 390, 428 or 427. I bought this brand new for my 1967 Mustang 427 project and now no longer have the car,  ALL OF IT is still all brand new, never bolted on, never used. The transmission is a TKO 600 (TCET5008) and has been fitted with the FE TKO input shaft, Ford Yoke, neutral plug and reverse light all of which is an extra price onto the base price of the transmissions, in this case about $350 extra . gear ratio of 1st. 2.87, 2...

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